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Historical Documentaries...

Promoting greater knowledge, greater understanding, greater appreciation

Arturo Sbicca and Patrice Makovic of Village Videography love to tell stories. Stories of people, events, episodes from the past. Taking a look at the past often times opens our eyes to appreciate what we might have before taken for granted and gives us a greater understanding of our surroundings. Village Videography's latest production, "San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge" is an example of just that. How many times have we driven over the bridge, at times with trepidation wondering why those side walls are so nerve-wrackingly low? In an interview with Robert Mosher, the consulting architect for the bridge, he explains that the side walls are perfectly safe as they were designed to redirect cars back onto the road and were specifically built to that height to allow for the unparalleled view of the city skyline, San Diego's bay, Coronado and the ocean beyond. Makes that wall suddenly not so menacing...

Creating a sense of community

The more we know about our community, the more we appreciate it, support it, work to improve it. Again, the bridge documentary shows us an example of that by introducing us to a very special but not very well known part of our city: Chicano Park. As the community of Barrio Logan was cut in half by the construction of the bridge, a movement started to create something positive out of the demolished neighborhood. Out of controversy and much effort, a park was built. With over 60 murals illustrated on the walls of the bridge, it is a living history book for all to see. So, the next time you zoom by on the bridge and get a glimpse of the Chicano Park artwork, take the exit under the bridge, grab a taco across the street and enjoy a walk among world class art.

Arturo and Patrice are passionate about this city's history and people. If you have a story to tell, please feel free to contact them.



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